Why is China investing in the World?



China dream song


China Infrastructure Push Reaches Arctic, Leaving Out U.S.

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Now, even the US does not want to be left out of OBOR!

China was a poor country but when they open up Most of the Chinese descendants like Robert Kwok and many more Chinese businessmen in Hong Kong invested in highways and road and this was the first transformation for China. Hence China knows that for the world to prosper ‘someone’ has to invest in the world infrastructure. The way I see it, China is paying forward by investing in the world with the hope that the world will join their hand to bring about a JUST and FAIRER world for all.

Instead of being suspicious have an Open Mind and make this beautiful dream for the world come true. Trust me our children’s children will definitely thank, all of us and God in the heaven will be very proud of us because we heard HIS call to built a beautiful world for all.



More than US$10 trillion corporate debt to mature through 2022! Is this why the US is stressed and desperate?

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Why China Grows and the US Stagnates

Published on Jun 26, 2017

EIR’s Paul Gallager compares China vs. US investment in infrastructure, the role of PPPs vs. a financial system organized by Glass-Steagall to finance US infrastructure investments, and the inside story of the fight for Glass-Steagall in the United States.


New world economy


The $10 Trillion Investment Plan to Integrate the Eurasian Supercontinent

Nameless.tv December 28, 2017 ·
This is why China plans to spend 5 Trillion dollars on global infrastructure (via INSH)


Huge Ancient Hydraulic System Built By The Liangzhu Culture May Be World’s Oldest And Predate Mesopotamian Water Systems

China unveils new steps to revive rustbelt northeast

Innovation turns barren land green


South China Morning Post added a new video: Chinese train station built in less than nine hours.
January 25 2018 at 2:00pm (They can do it because they have pride and great discipline. The value of East is community but West is all about the self and how much I can get for myself.)

1,500 Chinese construction workers built this train station in just nine hours.


Only in a Communist country, you can achieve such wonders because Communism is all about Community spirit = sharing and caring for one another. Most importantly they got great pride as Chinese and they want to shine for their beloved China and that is why the Cabals cannot take over the Chinese minds but they did it with flying color in Singapore. The elite Singaporeans are known as white skin and they speak perfect English.  The LKY government failed to pile the foundation in the heart soul and mind of the citizens since the day of independent instead our whole education target is to CHASE FOR THE MONEY and this means ‘paper chase’:( 

Singaporeans will lose their freedom to criticise government

Singapore’s Democracy Ratings Dip, EIU Report


China’s armed police force train in the brutal cold of minus 31-degree Celsius. #CCTV (Can you find more braver men like these Chinese and their pride and foundation is Country first because without a strong country you are not standing on solid ground and what truly hold them together is the deep cultures.)

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Good morning friends
Are they using the abacus system for calculation?


Andrew Lee
January 30, 2018, at 11:31pm ·

New perspective


In the late 60’s my uneducated mother Lim Soon Hing said that capitalism can’t succeed because corporate Greed will destroy humanity. Human is not in the equation only profits and more profits. I’m one clever girl since a young I was not sold by the capitalist glory or so-called success. I have my 2 feet firmly on the ground which means I’m very grounded and I take good care of my health. http://sunflowerchongsunwah.com/health/


“The Truth About Communism” – Caleb Maupin

Published on May 6, 2013

Remarks by Caleb T. Maupin at the Red Youth forum entitled “The Truth About Communism.”


Watch this video and you will understand why China is so successful because they invested in the people talents.

“The Truth About Communism” – Education Struggles – Thea Connolly

Published on May 6, 2013

Thea Connelly speaks at the Red Youth forum entitled “The Truth About Communism.” Her remarks cover the struggles around education and education in Socialist countries.


“The Truth About Communism” – Contributions of Lenin – Michael Shallcross

Published on May 6, 2013

Michael Shallcross speaks at the Red Youth forum entitled “The Truth About Communism.” His remarks address the contributions of Lenin.


“The Truth About Communism” – Mao & The Chinese Revolution

Published on May 6, 2013

Speaker at the Red Youth forum entitled “The Truth About Communism.” His remarks address “Mao and the Chinese Revolution.”


“The Truth About Communism” – Spoken Word Performance – Dinae Anderson

Published on May 6, 2013

Dinae Anderson gives a spoken word performance at the Red Youth forum entitled “The Truth About Communism.”

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