Now if people don't start Caring, not only will your community vanish but the whole world as well, just like what is happening in America now:(

In China, the Community Spirit starts with the Country and individual like Mr. Ma from Alibaba carries this Spirit because he knows once he lifts the ordinary people up the world will be transformed beyond our imagination. Therefore, we must embrace the Community Spirit worldwide to be the Winner and Great China has taken the lead and Mr. Ma is doing his utmost to spread this Community Spirit Worldwide.

I am Sunflower Chong Sun Wah, my DNA is Palestine and I have been a Communist at heart since I was very young. If I did not carry these 2 genes, I would not be who I am, always striving for greater humanity. Yes, World Harmony is an idealistic dream but there is nothing wrong with dreaming BIG! Who knows, it just might come true as long as you keep working hard at achieving it, just like how Mr. Ma never gives up. So I believe now you know why my 2nd name is NEVER GIVE UP!

For your knowledge, the man I admired the most when I was young was Mr. Zhou Enlai. What I admired most about Zhou Enlai was his workings behind the scenes. I often heard my mother praising him and I watched many movies about his works, whenever I had the opportunity when the films about China were shown at Golden Mile theater. http://turtledove.wikia.com/wiki/Chou_En-Lai

How and Why do I have such a strong Belief that Communism is, in fact, good for society?

Communism is not a dirty word, but unfortunately, for decades, it was made to look dirty and harmful. In class, we were learning Animal farm so I asked my teacher, "Why must Communists be destroyed?" My teacher told us that the word "Communist" came from the word Community, so how can that be evil and harmful to society? My teacher told us that the culprits were the leaders, who use it to control the people. Similarly, she said that all religions are good because they have one thing in common, and that is LOVE for All Humanity.

My teacher said that Communism ideology very hard to be realized because human nature is selfish and when we are living in a capitalist environment it is even harder to achieve because where to find men that are willing to sacrifice for the good of the community?

I am who I am partly due to my mother, who had a very strong influence on me about life and the world, especially in the political sphere. She was born in China's Canton province and she is a very proud Chinese. And being a farm girl, she would make sure that when we eat, there is not one grain left in the bowl, because she said, that the farmers work very hard to bring food for us, and therefore, we must appreciate them. And when mealtime comes, my mother would make us say a prayer to thank the farmers.

Being Asian, she did not believe that money is power but she believed agro is the foundation of any successful country. She believed the west brought their culture of materialism that one day would destroy our way of life and slowly destroy our culture, the foundation of who we are. So I am an old-fashioned girl and I always have my 2 feet firmly on the ground.


And here is a good example how the Communist Party is fostering A True Community Spirit that will change the world for the better, step by step, province by province then country by country, where A Harmonious World will be the rule of the day.

I have a dream. May the Chinese people use their wealth and energy to combat desertification. May their trading partners use their wealth and energy to combat social ills like crime, drugs, inequality. I hope we all help each other in these endeavors instead of looking for conflict.

How China is balancing its regional development

In a country where gaps exist between rich and poor, city and countryside, and one region and another, the challenge in promoting development is to make sure that it is balanced, coordinated, sustainable and healthy. The Chinese system is uniquely suited to achieve such development.

Maybe the world should embrace Socialism with Chinese characteristics. It works
by 2020, no more extreme poverty in China, the 'large common society' is achieved, which was conceptualized by ancient Chinese philosophers over 2000 years ago.

How China is creating ‘green life’

Industrialization in the West and rapid development in China have brought severe punishments down on humanity.

Go Xi!!!! Show the world by example of your leadership.
Is this telling us that a modern communist system can be the better political system as so many Democratic systems have failed badly in providing for their people?
China is creating a blueprint for the world to improve their environment And the leader told his people its better to have clean environment than a lot of money.
Great China led by a great leader.

How a 'secret deal' transforms lives of Chinese farmers

Since the beginning of China's reform and opening up nearly four decades ago, per capita disposal income of Chinese farmers has increased more than 90 percent, skyrocketing from 133.6 yuan (about 20.5 US dollars) in 1978 to 12,363 yuan (about 1,893 US dollars) last year.