Great China is Rising with Pride




My mother Lim Soon Hing constantly reminded us not to forget the Opium War. You could only walk this close to impossible journey if you have a mother like mother like daughter:)


My mother Lim Soon Hing who was born in China, Canton province, a farmer girl had been waiting for the rise of China as far as I could remember. She often said that the West should not be so arrogance because the wheel will turn to the East and for sure it did:) She constantly reminded us not to forget The first Opium War and in the white men eyes we are 'DOGS'! During the war in the park, it was written 'dogs' not allowed to enter!

THE OPIUM WARS - (1/2) banned version with extended jingoist ending

Jews and the Opium Wars

The Chosen People & China


When Kissinger went to China you know what my mother said, "You think you can swallow China like you did to all the other countries not so easy, China got 5000 years of history and the Chinese will fight back because they are proud people."


My mother also said that America will bomb China when China rise and now the bloody Rotschild Zionism using the South China Sea as the excuse to protect ASEAN to attack China! They can go 'FUCK OFF’ and don't they dare to use Singapore as the pawn to reach their evil goal because Singaporeans will not accept it! The government does not have the conscience but the people at large do and I'm one of them!

My mother also said that if Palestine is not free the whole world will not live in Peace & Harmony because the Jews cannot use the bible to claim God, promised them Palestine because they are the Chosen people! She said if that is the case when Indonesia is powerful they will also claim Singapore to be theirs and they have every right to do so because it is in history! Most ASEAN nations own Gaja Mada!!

Why is the West falling? Look at what the West had done to Palestine, they help evil Rotschild Zionism to steal the land of the Palestinian people and they did not condemn the evil Zionist Joos when they call the Palestinians, 'Terrorists'!! I want the world to know that the brave Palestinians are 'Freedom Fighters'!!



Great China & Russia will foster a Creative and Harmonious World for ALL Humanity!



The 68th anniversary of the launch of the air force in the great era has a strength in growth, and one exercise is a battle and a battle. No fear of life or death, dare to play, shape, manage the crisis, gong, industry, and industry, and they fly in the big times with a warrior's stance and ideals, and in the big times, the of the heavens. Flying to the 68th birthday of the Chinese Air Force!



Chairman Xi's prime military order "To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the greatest dream of the Chinese nation in modern times. It can be said that this dream is a strong dream, for the military, it is also a strong military dream."

President Xi Jinping

"There are some bored foreigners, with full stomachs, who have nothing better to do than point fingers at us. First, China doesn't export Revolution; second China doesn't export hunger and poverty; third, China doesn't come and cause you headaches, what more is there to be said? - Xi Jinping

President Vladimir Putin

"I am the wealthiest man, not just in Europe, but in the whole world. I collect emotions. I am wealthy in that the people of Russia have twice entrusted me with the leadership of a great nation such as Russia - I believe that is my greatest wealth." - Vladimir Putin.

Why does Xi Jinping visit the rural poor every year before Chinese New Year? In the run-up to one of the most important traditions for Chinese across the globe, the leader of the world's second largest economy takes time out from his official duties to pay house calls on ordinary people. Xinhua Special finds out why.


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