China has a Magnanimous Heart because she cares


World-Historic Summit in Beijing: US Announces Delegation to Attend

China’s ‘Project of the Century’ Is Launched; What’s Our Responsibility Now?


BREAKING: Helga LaRouche at China’s Belt and Road Forum

Published on May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017 — Helga Zepp-LaRouche attended the Belt and Road Forum summit in Beijing Sunday and Monday.…



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A multi-polar alternative to the New World Order is led by primarily by the two heads of state in the centre of this photograph, taken at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing yesterday.

Match made in heaven?
1) China has workers, Russia has land
2) China is the largest producer of goods, Russia has the most natural resources in the world
3) It is interesting to overlay China’s Silk Road and One Belt maps with Russia’s Trans-Siberian Railroad.

On Jan 17 and 18, 2017, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and a Chinese spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs respectively stated that Sino-Russian relations were “at their best level ever in the two countries’ history”.

Here is an interesting bit of history –

“During the 1950’s China and the USSR signed a mutual defence treaty that would make their union “impossible to defeat” by the west. However, by the late 50’s, China backed out because the Soviets were adopting an attitude of “peaceful coexistence” with the capitalist nations of the West.”

How interesting: China and Russia both were considered a “communist threat” by the US. Even after both became capitalist, the US kept considering them threats. Of course they want a multi-polar world, so do we all.


Chinese President Greets Guests before BRF Leaders’ Round table Summit 

Published on May 15, 2017

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday greeted heads of state and government and international organization officials after they arrived at the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention Center for the leaders’ round-table summit of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.
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The Belt and Road Initiative: Vision and Mission

Published on May 15, 2017

The Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, with delegates from over a hundred nations and 29 heads of state and government in attendance, marks a symbolic transition in President Xi Jinping’s grand vision for a new era of win-win globalization. Challenges and unforeseen events, such as political instability, financial problems, cultural misunderstandings, could be all too real. Moreover, some have raised suspicions about China’s motives. Does Beijing have a “hidden agenda”? We hear from experts from Pakistan, Nigeria, Egypt as well as China.


Interview about China in Africa with Prof Stephen Chan of SOAS

Published on Sep 16, 2013

Stephen Chan is professor of international relations at SOAS and a recipient of the OBE in 2010 “for services to Africa and higher education”. He is editor of the 2013 book The Morality of China in Africa: The Middle Kingdom and the Dark Continent.…


SCANDAL: According To A German Newspaper, Africa Pays 400 Billion Euros Per Year to France As Colonial Taxes



Why Caucasian Europeans and Americans are Mad China is in Africa?

Published on Nov 20, 2014

Is China the New Jesus Christ ( Savior ) in Africa? Caucasians of Europe and the Americans have invaded Africa by Colonization for many decades. They first sent their Religious white Jesus only Christian missionaries to spy on the natural resources the Africans had, they gave them the European white suprimist Bible, in exchange for the minds and lands of the Africans. Now China is the new Christ or Savior of the Africans, and the Caucasians are greedily mad with the Chinese. For more information write to

AFRICAN LEADER: China never slaved Africa

Robert Rose Silk Road 2.0. Like the first “Silk Road”, this one will join the advanced modern world of scientific advancement and technology, with the backward and chaotic backwater. Except that this time around, it is Europe that is the backward and chaotic backwater, and China is “the new First World”.
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Sunny Chong Europe don’t need to be when they join force with China
Robert Rose I thinks the rest of the world has a fundamental misunderstanding of China, and a lot is lost in translation, on a very literally “elemental” level. The Greco-Indian sciences are predicated (or rather “noun’ed”?) on 4 elements, and aether or “akasha” as it’s called in Vedic science (Alexander The Great linked the two, if they were not of a discernible common origin from the start). The 4 “elements” refer to the 4 phases of matter – plasma/gas/liquid/solid. And aether or akasha is the “field in which material objects function, operate”, the “operational field of space with all its characteristics. This 4 element and “field” basis of Western/Vedic science refers to material objects. Things. Tangible mass. And around the material objects, “science” and understanding of reality is built up.

Chinese science, is based on a very, very different fundamental concept; there are not really 5 “elements”, but 5 “states”. And they are different from those of the Western/Vedic science. While Greco-Vedic elements are “fire/air/water/earth”, the Chinese (wrongly deemed “elements”) are wood, metal, earth, fire, water. Air is another concept, “qi”. This is not analogous to the basis of Western/Vedic science.

While the Western/Hindu mindset sees “reality” based on objects, and how they operate and function within space and time, Chinese thought is based on states. Or, rather, “systems”.

When you ask a rather insightful question of a Western or Chinese person – “which of these does not belong; chicken, grass, and cow?”, the Westerner of course answers “grass”. Because a cow and chicken are animals, grass is a plant.

A Chinese answers “chicken”, because it has no relationship, does not participate in a system. The cow eats the grass, and in turn fertilizes the grass, they exist somewhat “symbiotically”, in a “system”. Functionally. Not as groups or clusters, not as a “Venn diagram”, but as a system that acts in a relationship.

If you scrutinize “reality”, in terms of modern physics, you will find that “things” do not possess an “essence”. Vanilla, for example, stimulates the sense of taste (and smell, or rather smell which is a large part of taste) because of the configuration of the vanillin molecule. But this molecule is just a “form” (called Sankhara in Vedic science). And is a molecule made up of atoms. If you go further, to sub-atomic particles, then quarks, and so on, you arrive at “strings”, which can be described as “fundamental frequencies”. The basic “nature” of reality is closer to the human conceived convention of “dynamic systems theory”, which is in its infancy in the West, but is the basis of Chinese science if you define science as an accurate insight into the nature of reality.

The violence and aggressive nature of Western “Righteousness”, and its inherent brutality isn’t found so pervasively in Chinese thought or culture, or socially normative behaviors. Chinese are constructive and enterprising, for the benefit of society. Arguably, “Han” China has never attacked another people.

Prior to this century, the earth was “up for grabs”, politically and in terms of utilization and resource exploitation. China, conversely, has been in “sustainability mode” for millennia. Brutality and imperialism and generalized thuggery was the order-of-the-day prior to this 21st century. Instead of building trade routes, the West simply “came, saw, and conquered”. China, conversely, sent its “treasure fleet” far and wide, some say to the Americas, for the purpose of trade and constructive interaction.

The 21st century is suited to the constructive enterprise modality of Chinese trade and innovation, and sincere endeavor, and not to the abusive imperialism of “manifest destiny” that was dominant prior to this century. This is China’s century.

Chinese “heart” is more a matter of amity and goodwill, than unfettered and volatile “passion” or “inspiration” based on emotional fury. China is a stable and reliable, and generally sober-minded mindset. Which will prevail as history moves forward? The days of roaring, passionate conquest and hero-bully delusion, are apparently over. The world has grown up, or simply too old to keep behaving in such manners, China has the wisdom and experience to administer and influence the world in a positive way.

Zheng He led possibly the largest fleet of ships in history, 500 or so years’ ago. To create a sort of world empire. But events in China caused this grande vision to flounder, and fail. Then, China went into steep decline, while Europe – which had been a primitive backwater – ascended to global supremacy. You’re seeing this “cycle’, if you want to think of it that way, turn around. Except that China is building bridges and roads and ports, instead of military conquest. This isn’t “pie-in-the-sky”, China is fully capable of building the world’s infrastructure.

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